The boundary between land and water is powerful and dramatic.

It stops the tides and marks the end for land based creatures. Crashing waves on open coasts and endless sand beaches are a favorite of mine to photograph.

ballandra bay sardines 1x2.5beach rock sunset 1x315 574 pixel. Cape Mudge during a small break in a storm.cabo pulmo beach 1x3cabo pulmo storm cloud 1x4cabo pulmo thunder cloud 1x6Discovery Passage sunset 1:630 000 pixel14 647 x 4882 pixel image of Chesterman Beach in Tofinochesterman beach 1x3cox bay surf 1x534 160 x 6832 pixelsdriftwood beach 1:4West Coast Sunrise 1:412 450 Pixel                       Friendly Cove, Nootka Islandgoose spit beach 1x415 952 x 5317 pixel image of stormy shy over water11 878 x 4751 pixel image of sunrise on Hornby Island15 717 Pixel                       Entrance to Clam Cove9469 x 3788 pixelsPacific moon rise 1:518495 x 5284 pixel image of the west coast of Nootka Island during sunrise22 827 x 7023 PIxel image of sea cliffs on Nootka Islands west coast.11913 x 3404 pixel image of sunrise in Nootka Sound, BC11714 x 4685 pixel image of a small island in Nootka Sound11 443 x 4577 pixel image of Oyster Bay at sunsetbird house sunset 1:49588 x 3196 pixel image of sunset at Oyster Bay18 488 x 5282 pixel image of perfect mountain reflection in Phillips Arm24 000 x 6000 pixel16 464 x 5488 pixelsrainy bay 1x3Rebecca Spit 1:3sand trees 1x312 422 pixels10 643 x 3548 pixel image of Sandpiper Beach on Hornby Island during sunrise13 524 x 2254 pixel image of volcanic island in the Sea of Cortez16 279 x 2326 pixel image of volcanic island in the Sea of CortezSolander Island17 692 x 7201 pixels16 000 x 4571 pixels16 771 x 4193 pixel image of volcanic island in the Sea of Cortez27762 x 4627 pixel image of the beach at Friendly Cove, Nootka Island